Amazon Loyalty Program text – scam or legit notice about winning Macbook Pro or iPhone?

This video is about text messages from the Amazon Loyalty Program that lots of people got recently! Here’s what those messages say:
“Congratulations!! Today you have been chosen to participate in this survey. It will take only a minute and you will receive a fantastic prize: new Apple Macbook Pro!”
So if you also receive an email or text from Amazon Loyalty Program, probably this text says that you could win Apple Macbook Pro for completing a survey!
But you shouldn’t click on any links and complete any surveys from such text messages! Because the Amazon Loyalty Program is a scam and you won’t get any prizes!
The only thing that you can get after completing the survey is troubles! Because someone will get your personal information and who knows for what purpose!
So the best you can do about those spam text messages is to delete them and write in the comments of this video what kind of prize they propose you this time!
Thanks a lot for watching, for sharing this video with your friends to warn them and goodbye!

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