Eagle Network Cryptocurrency – Legit or Scam?

Everything you need to know about Eagle Network BEFORE you sign up!

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In today’s video, I’m going to take a closer look at the Eagle Network Cryptocurrency app, a new application that just launched recently in 2021 and aims to create a new cryptocurrency called “Eagle” that you can “mine” on your phone by simply pressing a button once per day.

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00:00:00 Eagle Network Cryptocurrency – Legit or Scam?
00:33 Eagle Network Cryptocurrency – How does the Eagle Network app look like and work?
01:00 Eagle Network Cryptocurrency – Is Eagle Network a Pyramid scheme?
01:30 Eagle Network Cryptocurrency – How can you earn more Eagle coins?
02:09 Eagle Network Cryptocurrency – Which features did Eagle Network copy from other applications?
02:36 Eagle Network Cryptocurrency – Which unique features does Eagle Network have?
02:51 Eagle Network Cryptocurrency – Is there a way to pay for higher mining rates?
03:32 Eagle Network Cryptocurrency – How do similar apps generate revenue?
05:17 Eagle Network Cryptocurrency – What can we learn from the Eagle Network website?
06:03 Eagle Network Cryptocurrency – Does Eagle Network ask for excessive app permissions?
06:44 Eagle Network Cryptocurrency – Who’s behind the Eagle Network project?
07:30 Eagle Network Cryptocurrency – What can we learn from the Eagle Network white paper?
09:29 Eagle Network Cryptocurrency – So is Eagle Network a scam?
10:05 Eagle Network Cryptocurrency – Which other projects would you recommend instead of Eagle Network?

The Eagle Network app, at its core, appears to be nothing else but a visually improved version of the Pi and Bee Network application, combining all features of those two apps into one and adding a few unique features in addition like the “Daily Spinner” that allows you to win Eagle coins once per day.

Just like Pi and Bee, Eagle Network requires you to open the app and press a button once per day to receive Eagle coins (the future Eagle Network cryptocurrency) for the next 24 hours, and just like the other apps Eagle Network provides you with a few ways to increase the number of coins that you receive per hour.

1. You can increase your Eagle per hour “mining” rate by inviting new users to Eagle Network.
2. You can – eventually – set up something similar to Pi Network’s security circle.
3. You can – eventually – run an Eagle Network node.
4. You can pay to increase your “level” and already receive more Eagle Network Cryptocurrency coins per hour.

Based on all of that we already notice that Eagle Network isn’t the revolutionary idea it claims to be but a simple copy of Pi Network with in-app purchases to make money of its users.
Unfortunately, the red-flags surrounding Eagle Network doesn’t stop there, because even the Eagle Network Cryptocurrency white-paper appears to be a slightly modified copy of Pi Networks’ white-paper making it likely that Eagle Network is nothing else but a scam that aims to:

– make money based on ad revenue by showing ads to users in the app (something I didn’t notice during my test but assume applies because all similar projects we know also include advertising)
– make money by getting users to pay for increased mining rates.

My opinion, therefore, is that Eagle Network Cryptocurrency is a scam and simply tries to profit from the current hyper around legitimate projects like Pi Network to enrich the company or people behind the application.
At this point, the only positive aspect of the Eagle Network application is that the app doesn’t ask for unnecessary permissions.



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