Earth 2.0 io Honest Review (After 8 Months) | Legit or Scam?

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Can you make money investing with Earth 2.0 io? Is Earth 2.0 io a scam? We are going to answer all these questions.

Earth 2.0 Explained (part 1 in the series) –

Earth 2.0 io is a virtual platform where you can claim, buy and sell virtual land in 10 by 10 meter plots or “tiles”. It’s a 1 to 1 scale of the actual Earth we live on. This is a game which uses real money in order to buy and sell the land.

I first heard about Earth 2.0 while scrolling through the financial videos on TikTok. There were several videos of people claiming they made $1,000s and $10,000s of dollars “investing” in Earth 2.0 io and that it didn’t require “any work” nor “maintenance” to make this kind of profit. Since this YouTube channel is all about side hustles and testing ways to make money, I wanted to try this out for myself. I put an originally invest/capital of $250 through my credit card. Watch the video to see my first hand experience for the last 3 weeks of using this app/website.

Let me know if you enjoy this new financial series that we’re testing out called legit or scam. I was planning on making future videos covering the NBA TopShot NFT and Fundraise. I love to hear your thoughts below.

0:00 – Intro
1:17 – Investing strategies
2:04 – How much I sold all 73 tiles for
2:51 – Issues with Earth2.0
4:25 – My real profit/loss
5:03 – Can you withdrawal your funds?
6:23 – Do I recommend Earth 2.0 io?
8:13 – Is Earth2 a scam?
8:40 – Outro

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