Established Titles Scam -YouTube’s BIGGEST Con! Graham Stephan & Andrei Jikh

Established Titles is a scam based out of China that has convinced some of the largest YouTubers on the platform to promote them. Everyone from Graham Stephan, Andrei Jikh, The Quartering, and SomeOrdinaryGamers have all been paid to promote this scam to people, it needs to stop!

To clarify something that people are confused by. Many creators have been given a faulty script by Established Titles that causes them to falsely state that “Established Titles plants a tree with every order.” This is not true. Established Titles plants no trees and instead donates a tiny amount $1 to a charity that plants trees. Established Titles is in NO WAY a charity despite what people have been claiming. They are are for profit business.

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