Ethereum Towers Project Overview (Legit or Scam?)

In this video we walk through Ethereum Towers, a vertical virtual land project that is showing serious promise for 2022-23-24 and I wanted to record while I evaluate it so you can see too. What I realized is that there are already 3 scams collections trying to pretend to be this official collection. The links below are to the official collection. This tells me the project is probably something to look into when people start copying you.

00:00 Welcome to the good side of crypto
01:08 the website and my commentary
04:22 shocking stat on virtual land
05:49 Hello Students…check this out
06:19 Massive Incentive for buying luxury apartment
09:14 what can you do with the land
10:43 Scam or legit here’s your answer

************************PROJECT INFO *****************************
**go to any of my virtual land videos and you will find the items below in the same order so that you can quickly find out what you need to know:

Project Name: Ethereum Towers
Project Website:
Blockchain: Ethereum
Where to Buy(official project):
Cost of Land: (as of 1/8/22): .38 of one ETH
How To Make Money On The Land: Commerce, Staking it, Selling it, Airdrops, % off future
White/Light Paper:
Other Important Docs:


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