Is Barenkul a Scam or Legit, Plus Eye Cream Reviews

Is Barenkul and its eye cream a scam or legit? My findings are inconclusive, meaning I am counting on commenters to fill me in with their experiences.

People are looking around on Google tonight to find out if a website known as Barenkul on is a scam. I gathered some data. First, and kind of most important, if you have any input on this subject and have interacted with the website, please let me know below in the comments. My video is just about things that I found, but the best and perhaps most helpful info is going to be what you, the viewers, add below in the comments. Here’s data that I found, which is not my opinion.

Ok, so on the Barenkul website on where some people want to know if it’s a scam, they’re selling eye cream, and it’s listed as “Christmas Sale Temporary Firming Eye Cream 50% OFF NOW!” I noticed something odd in the reviews. People in the reviews are shown before and after doing the eye cream. I did a reverse image search for several of the pictures in the reviews, and here’s what happened. For this woman, I did a reverse image search, and she shows up in an Amazon review for a different product from Peter Thomas Roth. This woman, I did the same, and got the same result for Peter Thomas Roth. And this woman as well, without even having to go to the second page of reviews, she shows up in a review on Amazon for a Peter Thomas Roth product. So it appears that someone appears to be copying pictures from reviews on Amazon and using them on Barenkul. That seems pretty weird.

I also saw this Facebook post related to the purported Barenkul scam for eye cream on where someone said, “PSA: Don’t buy from” It showed an email that you can pause and read if you’d like. A summary of the email is that the person claims they never received the package they ordered, but were offered a 50% refund rather than a new package being sent again.

I originally had this video all ready to record yesterday, Dec. 2, then we found a line of ants in the house and had to take care of it. But thankfully, overnight, I noticed that the great website Online Threat Alerts put up a report about the supposed Barenkul scam for eye cream on, and they called the website, quote, “untrustworthy.”

So again, this is just data that I collected online, plus my own study of the situation with this website. None of this is my opinion. It’s just my findings. Please let me know your experience with this website in the comments below. For anyone wondering why I am talking about this website, it’s because it showed up in Google Trends on Friday night, Dec. 2, 2022, when I am making this video. Let me say this. Usually when I make these videos, I miss several details about what it is that customers are experiencing with a specific website that they’re frustrated with. I have not bought anything from this website myself, so again, please enlighten me on what you know and have experienced. Thanks so much for watching.

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