Is RestoFinisher a Scam or Legit? Google Users Search for Answers

On the night of Sept. 10, 2022, I noticed that Google users were looking to find reviews for a product called Restofinisher spray due to ads from and to figure out of it was a scam or if it was legit plus “does it work,” “BBB,” and if it was “any good.” The ad online read, “How to Revive Your Cabinets. Instead of replacing new cabinets, this device refinishes your cabinets in seconds.”

According to what I could find to help establish if RestoFinisher spray was a scam or legit, there are at least two RestoFinisher websites that show reviews. One is and the other is Both of these websites showed what appeared to be reviews from Facebook users. I noticed that some of the accounts associated with one of those websites were no longer available. Also, the website displayed different dates for the reviews on different pages. For one page it would say that the Facebook users reviewed the product in 2020 and on another page it would say that those same users reviewed the product just a few days ago in 2022. That set off a little red flag in my head.

Also on the RestoFinisher spray websites, it listed three different corporate offices. However, I looked up the addresses in Google Street View and found that one of them looked like a residential house, another was a mailbox store, and the other was some sort of building I couldn’t identify.

The only Facebook page I could find for RestoFinisher spray did not have a tab for reviews, and it showed that it had page managers in the Philippines, United States, Kenya, and that it hadn’t been updated in nearly two years.

On Facebook, one user posted about RestoFinisher spray and linked to an article about if the product was a scam or legit, saying, “Was looking for a review of this product and found one. Reminds me a lot of a time past when I edited material written by folks for whom English was not their first language. E.g. ‘Resto Finisher is functional creativity that keeps up the shine and polish of the wooden objects steady.’”

OnlineThreatAlerts said that RestoFinisher spray was “untrustworthy,” claiming that “the wood finish restorer product you see on their ad is NOT what you get.” The page said that the product that’s delivered contains “no ingredients list, no UPC code, no manufacturer name, no address, no instructions on the bottle,” and only says “Made in China.”

The U.S. Better Business Bureau gave RestoFinisher spray an F grade and showed 16 reviews, 14 of which were 1-star reviews. The BBB published that RestoFinisher was not BBB accredited, which may provide information the Google users were looking for when searching to find out if it’s a scam or legit.

I hope this was helpful. The purpose of this video was to provide information I found on the internet from people who said they had experience with the product. As I say in the video, I did not purchase this product myself.

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