Rulerguru Reviews – Is a Scam or Legit?

Are reviews real?
I’ll explain how we know if it’s a real or fake store.

Is a Scam?

Rulerguru is an online store with no real reviews. The website claims to sell hoodies, cargo pants and leggings at unbelievably low prices!

What hidden page item did you find? Warn others in the comments below. was registered on September 16th, 2022.

The person who owns the domain has made all ownership information private.

What we do know, is that the domain was registered in Ice Land.

There isn’t even any history of this website in the Internet Archive before October 11th, 2022

Google has found 51 pages for this website but only lists 16 of them! The rest are hidden.

There’s no customer service phone number and no business address.

There is an email address but it belongs to a different online store:

If you think has scammed you and you’ve already made a purchase, you can get a refund by following the simple steps on
ScamRater Has a step by step guide to get a refund wether you bought using PayPal, a Credit Card, or even directly from you bank.

If you believe Relergur is real then that would mean it has to be a dropshipping website. You can read about drop shippers here:

Basically, a dropshipper is a person that lists an item for sale. You then pay that person or store for the item. The has no stock, but instead he buys the item from another seller known as a wholesaler at a cheaper price and has the item mailed directly to you. The seller you bought from then keeps the difference in price between the amount you paid for the item and the amount the seller paid for the item.

Most dropshippers get there products from the same large store that you can but from directly; I’ll show you that source in a minute.

Delivery Times for items often vary depending on where in the world you’re located. Most items from online stores are shipped directly from China.

If an online store promises to deliver your item in 1-3 days, chances are they are lying. Currently the only online retailer that can make such fast deliveries is Amazon due to their vast network of warehouses.

Back to talking about, you know the store thats for Ruler Experts. I guess that means its for people who can measure quickly; I’m not sure why they’d choose that name, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Even if Rulerguru is not a scam or a fake webpage, it is highly suspicious, and I would never buy from their website.

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So, do you think is a scam?

OH Wait, I told you I’d tell you the most popular source for where dropshippers get their items so that you’ll be able to buy at a wholesale price. Please understand we are not saying Rulerguru dropships from here or that they dropship at all. I just want to make you aware of all possibilities. The site is

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