The Real Method For *FREE* Valorant Points! (2022) | Is Buff Legit or a Scam?

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⭐ How to get your first skins on Valorant for free in 2022? How to get free Valorant Points? Does Buff actually work? Is Buff really legit or a scam? Gift cards out of stock? Is Buff a virus? Today your favorite Radiant Coach is teaching you The Real Method to get FREE Valorant Points and giving an answer to all of these questions!

💰 How to Enter Giveaways:
– Use this link ( to make your free Buff account and then comment your Buff username; I’ll be selecting 10 winners who’ll get 1000 BUFF POINTS!
– Comment your Valorant Tag down below and I’ll be selecting 5 winners who’ll get 10$ VP GIFT CARD!
– Comment down below why you deserve free coaching from me and I’ll be selecting 1 winner who’ll get my EXCLUSIVE COACHING (160$) PROGRAM!

❓ What is BUFF:
– BUFF is a Freemium app authorized officially by Overwolf (which brings us other trusted apps like Tracker GG for Valorant) and is a way to get free stuff for doing essentially nothing. Buff works as intended as you will see in this video through a live demonstration and they’ve recently got into partnership with NRG’s eSports Team!

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⏳ Video Timestamps ↴

• 0:00 ➜ Intro (Multiple Giveaways)
• 0:41 ➜ Owning Skins in Valorant (Price, Trading, Selling…)
• 2:00 ➜ Giveaway #1 (Valorant Points)
• 2:23 ➜ Get Free Skins by playing Valorant
• 3:44 ➜ What is BUFF?
• 4:34 ➜ Is BUFF actually safe?
• 5:53 ➜ How to setup BUFF?
• 6:17 ➜ Giveaway #2 (Buff Points)
• 6:42 ➜ How to use BUFF to get free skins?
• 8:50 ➜ Giveaway #3 (Radiant Coaching)
• 9:18 ➜ How to get VP on BUFF & use codes on Valorant?
• 9:55 ➜ Is BUFF worth it? (Free 100 Buff Points)
•11:12 ➜ Use my link to register & support a charity!

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